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Jpetto Features List

Features at launch will include:

  • Create projects related to accounts/clients
  • Create project teams with roles showing who is who and how to contact them
  • Create sprints per project
  • Create work items for projects (bugs, user stories, dev/admin tasks, etc. with progress tracking similar to JIRA)
  • Generate timesheets automatically per user and pay period
  • Log hours to work items, per user
  • Timesheet submission and approval processes
  • Show project financial estimates based on project team hourly rates, estimated hours vs budget, rate billed to client, and billable vs non-billable hours
  • Custom built messenger which can link conversations to a single record, user, etc.
  • Optional messenger integration with Slack, so that each work item/client/etc. can have its own slack channel and communication can occur seamlessly between Salesforce and Slack at the record level
  • Customer portal access (with salesforce digital experience licenses) to allow clients real-time access to project progress, work items, reports, dashboards, etc.
  • Fully integrated and built on the salesforce platform

Other features that are in development, mostly done but just need final testing and refinement:

  • Clockify integration to boost timesheet features and add things like productivity monitoring with screenshots throughout the day
  • Quickbooks integration to autogenerate invoices based on hours logged, project rates, etc.
  • Custom built, drag and drop form builder fully native to salesforce (similar to apps like form assembly, conga, etc)
  • Advanced admin and budget notification systems for things like what to do when a project budget has been reached (change hours to non-billable without client approval, send change requests for approval, send request for approved overages which then get automatically added to the overall budget, and more)
  • Manager Dashboard that shows all accounts, project, work items, logged hours, timesheet submissions, timesheet approvals, and more, in a single dynamic view

Other features that are in development, mostly done but just need final testing and refinement:

  • B2B connector, so that a client org can install a lightweight connector which will allow them to see the same limited view of data related to the project, in their own salesforce instance. This would reduce the cost of licenses on the consultant since clients already have licenses, and allow them to see all of the data they could see on the portal as an alternative to help keep costs low for startups & SMB
  • Integration with Teramind to provide integrated productivity tracking at a much deeper level than clockify can provide
  • Potential features include tracking hours automatically per client based on the URLS used within a timeframe, apps used, conversations with users or emails based on domain names, etc.
  • AI Integration(s)
    • chatGPT or similar to assist with creation of code templates, optimization of code that has been written by developers, project summaries and forecasts, etc.
    • Sales Cadences, similar to High Velocity Sales or SalesLoft. A feature many clients have requested but can not afford the cost of the few options available right now.
  • Additional integrations for the messenger such as ms teams, WhatsApp, etc
  • Integration with google workspace

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